Car hail damage can be very frustrating.

How much do repairs actually cost?

Auto Dent Quality offers a stress free and simple automobile repair experience.

We use an environmentally safe technique called paintless dent removal which involves our technicians massaging and manipulating the metal with special tools and techniques to remove the dent. It requires no fillers, drilling or painting which retains your car’s value.

Watch us repair the hail damage on this automobile using PDR techniques. No damage, no drilling. 

I think, this is one of my favorite time lapse before and after videos. Take a look


Getting an estimate from your insurance company isn’t your only option nor is it the most accurate. The majority of the hail damage is not fully visible when looking at it in direct sunlight – See what we mean?

Paintless dent repair pics

Hail Damage In Direct Sunlight

This is the hood of the trunk in direct sunlight, you can see a few hail dents but you cannot see all the damage.

car hail damage repair cost

Hail Damage Under PDR Lights

This is the same trunk hood pulled into our evaluation area. Look how many more dents and dings from hail damage you can see. You can see it all with the naked eye. See the difference an accurate evaluation makes?

In order to get the damage to show up on camera we held up our photography shade screen so you could see what we saw.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If we can help answer any more questions send us an email at

What is the address to your shop?

Our address has changed! But google has been slow to update or glitches and shows the old address. We recently moved from Anderson Lane in Austin to our new permanent location: 2316 W Pecan Street Pflugerville Texas 78660 It’s where Oasis Carwash is located.

If I file a claim will hail damage increase my rates?

No. Hail damage is considered an act of God or act of nature. which is an event out of our control and not predictable, so the comprehensive claim does not increase your premiums. 

How long until I get my car back?

The whole process from the time we schedule the insurance adjuster to look at the vehicle until the repairs are complete is anywhere from 2-7 days. Once the estimate is approved, it takes us 1 or 2 days to complete the repairs.  

Do you offer rental cars?

Yes. Ask your insurance if rental coverage is included in your plan as well. 

Is Paintless dent removal or repair the same thing?

Yes. The terms are used interchangeably. 

Are you a mobile hail repair company?

Yes! One of the fun parts of owning your own business is flexibility. We enjoy traveling and this business has the capabilities of being mobile so we took part of our business on the road. But, we do have a permanant location in Pflugerville Texas. And Texas is where we call home. 

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